What is gambling and how is it different from Skill Games under Indian laws?

In 1996, the Supreme Court defined gambling or betting as betting on games of chance only. In this decision, the Supreme Court explicitly excluded games of skill from the definition of gambling, regardless of whether those games were played for money. the exact quote from the 1996 decision is as follows.

"The term 'wagering' in both Acts must be interpreted in light of the law developed by this Court in two 1957 cases, which authoritatively held that a contest substantially dependent on skill is not gambling. Gambling is the act or practice of gambling in a game of chance. It bets on chance, and chance is the controlling factor." Thus, "wagering" in both bills would mean betting or wagering in a game of chance. It does not include games of skill, such as horse racing." Moreover, the Public Bombling Act, the central law on gambling, and most subsequent state laws on the subject, provide in substance that "nothing in this Act shall apply to games of pure skill played anywhere." The 1996 Supreme Court decision on Tamil Nadu and Madras law decisions also referred to this." In any event, Section 11 of the Gaming Act specifically excludes games of pure skill from the criminal law provisions of both Acts."

What is a game of skill under Indian laws?

The Supreme Court of India in 1996 defined a game of pure skill as follows:

A game in which success depends on a substantial degree of skill is not a "gamble" and, notwithstanding the element of chance, if a game is primarily a game of skill, then it will be a game of "pure skill". Therefore, we believe that the term "pure skill" would imply a substantial degree of skill or advantage.

Is rummy a game of skill?

The 1968 Supreme Court ruling declared rummy a game of skill:

"On the other hand, rummy requires a certain amount of skill because the whereabouts of the cards must be remembered, and the establishment of rummy requires considerable skill in holding and discarding. Therefore, we cannot say that the game of rummy is a game of chance. It is primarily a game of skill. Chance in rummy is of the same nature as chance in bridge deals. On the other hand, a game of skill - although the element of chance cannot necessarily be completely eliminated - is a game in which success depends primarily on the player's superior knowledge, training, concentration, experience, and proficiency. Golf, chess, and even rummy have been considered games of skill. Courts have argued that there are few, if any, games that consist purely of chance or skill, and thus a game of chance is a game in which the chance factor overwhelms the skill factor, while a game of skill is a game in which the skill factor overwhelms the chance factor. It is the dominant factor that determines the nature of the game - "skill" or "chance".

Do games of skill enjoy any other protection legally?

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