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This Privacy Policy forms part of our website Terms of Service and by accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the registration page, you agree to provide sensitive personal data or personal information and understand the purposes for which such information is shared. If you do not wish to share mandatory personal information with RummyPro ("RummyPro" or "we" or "us" or "our" as requested at the time of registration) If you do not wish to share mandatory personal information with RummyPro ("RummyPro" or "we" or "us" as requested at the time of registration, please do not register. The registration process cannot be completed until the information in the non-optional fields is provided, and RummyPro may ask you to provide certain additional personal information in order to allow you access to any cash games organized by RummyPro.

Policy objective

RummyPro respects your privacy and assures you that any information you provide to RummyPro is protected and will be handled in accordance with this policy and applicable law. In order to take advantage of the services offered on (hereinafter referred to individually as the "Site" and collectively as the "Site"), you may need to provide certain information to us. This Policy sets forth the procedures by which RummyPro collects, uses, stores, discloses and manages Users' personal data, which RummyPro collects only for the purposes of verifying Users' accounts, maintaining Users' accounts, completing Users' transactions, and analyzing Users' behavior and needs.

What is included in personal data?

Personal data of the user includes the following types of personal data or information:

Sensitive personal data: account password financial information such as bank account or credit or debit card or other payment instrument details. Other personal information: name date of birth telephone number postal/contact address PAN number (if applicable) IP address of the computer, browser type and language. The date and time of your visit to the website. The website address that you may use to link to any website. Your photo used for testimonials and other promotions. Such other information is defined as sensitive personal data or legal information. You have the right to update the information you provide by contacting: Your information shall be updated after reasonable inspection and confirmation by RummyPro.

User Consents:

Consent to the use of sensitive personal data and other personal information:

All users of RummyPro consent to the use of sensitive personal data and other personal information for the purposes set forth in this policy. We restrict access to personal information to employees, contractors and agents, and only allow access to those who need to know that information in order to process it on our behalf. Users have the right to revoke permission to use their sensitive personal data or other personal information by sending a specific request by email to, as applicable. Withdrawal of consent to all or any part of sensitive personal data and other personal information may result in immediate withdrawal of any right to use the services provided by RummyPro. Withdrawal of consent shall not limit RummyPro's right to use other personal information to analyze user data, provided that the other personal information used in any analysis is not personally identifiable to any individual user. Once you provide a photo for marketing purposes, RummyPro will have the irrevocable right to use the photo and delete or no longer use the photo solely at the discretion of RummyPro. RummyPro may also use software applications for website traffic analysis and statistics for advertising purposes and to determine the efficacy and popularity of RummyPro. RummyPro is currently using display advertising and remarketing through Google Analytics, in which third-party vendors, including Google, display our ads on websites across the Internet and use first-party cookies and third-party cookies to notify, optimize and serve ads based on visitors' visits to our website. Our visitors are free to opt out of display ads in Google Analytics and to customize Google display network ads using ads preference manager.

Consent to use of Cookies:

What is a cookie: A cookie is a small text file that uniquely identifies your browser. You understand that cookies may remain on your computer when you visit a website. cookies assigned by the RummyPro server can be used to personalize your website experience. In addition, cookies may be used for authentication, game management, data analysis, and security purposes. Cookies may also be assigned by RummyPro's advertisers when you click on any advertisements that may be displayed on any website, in which case such cookies are controlled by those advertisers and not by RummyPro.

Consent to email communication:

When you register your email address with RummyPro, you agree to receive email communications from RummyPro, RummyPro and other entities specifically authorized by the user. You also agree and acknowledge that when you refer someone using our referral program, RummyPro will send an email to the person you refer on your behalf, and that the email header will contain your email address as the address to which such email is sent.Rummy Pro may also access and store information related to your contacts in order to send them invitations and other promotions on a regular basis.

Data Security

We take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to or unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of data. These measures include an internal review of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our systems that store personal data.RummyPro has a comprehensive information security program and information security policy that includes management, technical, and, RummyPro's operational and physical security controls to protect sensitive personal data and other The information collected by RummyPro is stored securely using a variety of information security applications, including firewalls. However, security is always relative, and RummyPro cannot guarantee that its security measures are absolute and cannot be breached. Data transmitted over the Internet is inherently subject to security risks or threats. For example, information transmitted via chat or email may be compromised and used by others. Therefore, RummyPro cannot guarantee any security for the transmission of such information over the Internet infrastructure, nor can it guarantee the active disclosure of such information by any user of the services of this website. When you register with RummyPro, your account is protected by login information, which includes a user name and password, known only to you. Accordingly, you should not provide your personal information to anyone, and violation of this policy will constitute a violation of this Policy and may also result in account closure in certain circumstances. It is your responsibility to notify RummyPro immediately if you become aware of or reasonably suspect any breach of security, including a breach of your login information. these sites may contain links to other sites. Such sites are governed by their own privacy policies and RummyPro does not have any control over them. It is your responsibility to read and understand the privacy policies of such sites when you follow links off the site. You are advised to exercise caution when sharing any personal information with any third party advertising on the Site, and RummyPro is not responsible for such information you provide on third party websites. rummyPro has a policy of not sharing any personally identifiable information with anyone other than specific entities authorized by RummyPro, which may include RummyPro's advertisers and sponsors . However, RummyPro may use your name, photo, login ID and the state in which you entered the contest when posting the results of any contest on the site. Such contests are also subject to the terms and conditions that shall be made available on the Site when such contests are conducted on any of the Sites.RummyPro conducts periodic analysis and surveys of traffic for market research and advertising purposes.RummyPro reserves the right to share your registration information with market research and advertising firms or companies designated by RummyPro for such purposes from time to time. RummyPro may also use the accumulated non-personal information for auditing and analysis to improve its services.

Data Retention policy

RummyPro shall retain the information provided by the User for such period of time as may be necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information was collected as described in this Privacy Policy and to comply with any longer retention period that may be required by applicable law


If it is necessary to share sensitive personal data and other personal information, RummyPro can share such information.

To comply with legal process or governmental requests; to enforce the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy; to prevent fraud; for matters involving information security, or to protect: your rights; RummyPro's rights; and the rights of the public.

Limitation of Liability

RummyPro confirms that this privacy policy is only a description of its user information practices. this policy is not intended to and does not create any legal rights in favor of you or any other person. rummyPro reserves the right to change this policy at any time without prior notice to you. rummyPro's liability shall be limited to the deletion of sensitive personal data from the website system and the deletion of personally identifiable elements from other personal information. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this policy and elsewhere, RummyPro's total liability for all claims for damages under the Website Terms of Service, including claims relating to breach of this policy, shall be limited to the maximum aggregate liability set forth in the Terms of Service.

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