Responsible Play

Our Mission Statement

RummyPro encourages all players to play responsibly. We are committed to helping players who wish to stop playing or limit the number of games they play.

Ensure Responsible Play

  • · Players must be 18 years of age to play rummy for real money.
  • · There is an option for players to set the daily and monthly playing limit, by sending us a request from their registered email address. Once set, these limits can be changed again only after 72 hours from the previous change.
  • · Players can request for their accounts to be temporarily blocked, if they want to self-exclude themselves for some time.
  • · Players can follow our "Guide to Responsible Play" in order to keep a check on their play behaviour.

Guide to Responsible Play

Sometimes, players may find it hard to recognize that their online play is getting out of control. A common reaction is to minimize, hide or deny such problems and the harm it could be causing. Some people will lie to themselves about how much money or time is being spent on online playing.

Following are some of the best practices to help you play responsibly:

  • · Play Rummy in moderation and only for entertainment.
  • · Do not play Rummy to make money or escape problems.
  • · Never chase your losses while playing Rummy.
  • · Set aside an entertainment budget for Rummy.
  • · Keep track of the time and monitor the amount of money you spend.
  • · Use the Add Cash limit option to help control the amount you spend.
  • · Balance the time you spend on playing online Rummy with other leisure activities.

Recognize whether you are not playing responsibly

Do you do any of the following:

  • · Do you spend more money and time than you intend to?
  • · Do you feel guilty or ashamed while playing Rummy?
  • · Do you try to win back your losses?
  • · Do you miss important things in life such as family time, work, leisure activities, appointments to play Rummy?
  • · Do you think about Rummy all day long?
  • · Do you have arguments with friends or family about you playing Rummy?
  • · Do you lie or steal to get money to play Rummy?
  • · Do you have debts or struggled financially to play Rummy?
  • · Has playing Rummy negatively impacted your professional life?
  • · Do you have relationship problems like arguments, disagreements or loss of Connection with friends and family?
  • · Have you experienced an increase in stress, depression or panic attacks due to playing Rummy?

If you suspect that you are facing any of the issues mentioned above and as a result have not been playing Rummy responsibly, or if you know someone who is facing similar issues, kindly seek help immediately.


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