Tournament User Guide

How to play Tournament:

Tournament is one of the varieties of game available in our app. This guide will help our players to understand this game variation properly.


Once the player clicks on "Play Tournament" which they can find on the main game lobby, a tournament lobby opens. Click tournament


In this lobby, players can find a list of tournaments. In this lobby there are two kinds of tournaments - i) free and ii) admission. There are three tabs, free and buy-in. By clicking on this tab, we can separate free and buy-in tournaments. Free tournaments are tournaments where the player does not have to pay anything to enter the game. However, in "buy-in" tournaments they need to pay a small fee to participate in this particular tournament. The status of tournaments can be seen in the tournament lobby, where these filters are announced, registered, registered, late registered, running and completed. When the operator creates a new tournament and the user is unable to register, in other words, we can say that registration has not yet started showing as "Announced".


When the registration period begins, the status of that particular tournament will change to "Registered". After that, the user can register for that particular tournament. Users can find some important information about the tournament in the lobby. They can find i) prize pool, ii) start time, iii) date, iv) seats, etc. in the tournament lobby. If they want to know more details about any tournament, then they just need to click on the specific tournament or on the far right. The yellow box on the left side of the image above shows the information about the tournament and the red box on the right side shows more details about that particular tournament. We can see all the information that the user will get here:

Players can find all the information regarding that particular tourney here. It shows the info about

a.Starting Chips
b.No. of Levels
c.Late Registration time
d.Table size or seats
e.Rebuy Amount (if It's a Rebuy tourney)
f.Rebuy Chips
g.No of winners
h.Usernames and their chip count


Once user click on "register", a pop-up window comes and ask for registration confirmation as below- After clicking on "Yes". Registration confirmed pop-up shows.


When the tournament starts, the status changes to delayed registration (if any) or running. The user starts playing their game and tries to win all levels so they can win the tournament. After declaring level 1, a results screen opens, which shows the cards and points won or lost for that particular table, as shown below - after this results screen, the system will automatically notify you of the next level. Finally, the results screen displays the positions the player has earned and the amount of prize money they have earned.

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